AMK9’s Training Division is the nation’s premier K9 training provider for working dog and K9 handler education through our professional commitment to highly skilled and well-bred dogs, industry-intelligent master trainers, and expansive curricula with 2 all inclusive training facilities.


When you come to AMK9 for training, expect to learn, grow, and leave as a fully trained and certified working dog handler, ready to operate in your chosen field.

AMK9 is staffed with more than 45 industry-intelligent instructors, trainers and staff, and includes 2 world-class training facilities located in Anniston, AL and New Smyrna Beach, FL. AMK9’s Training Division offers unmatched, industry-leading working dog handler course instruction and best in class K9s.

Courses at AMK9

AMK9 Academy offers handler courses accredited by Auburn University and the North American Police Working Dog Association, including:

  • Basic K9 Explosives Detection
  • Advanced K9 Explosives Detection
  • K9 Narcotics Detection
  • Dual Purpose K9 Patrol for Explosives or Narcotics
  • K9 Trainer
  • Decoy & Kennel Master

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AMK9 sets the bar for K9 training with facilities designed specifically for operational realism in order to prepare you and your K9 Partner for work in the field.


Drug Dog Handlers learn how to effectively search various venues, set up training situations, set up a maintenance training schedule, record-keep, and most importantly, prepare for Court.

Bomb Dog Handlers receive foundation training and odor recognition of all major explosive chemicals and components.  Each K9 Team will be exposed to various environments and will face real world scenarios.

All Handlers will be instructed on the legal aspects of K-9 searches as well as proper record keeping.

AMK9 also offers certified Vapor Wake® K9 Detection training courses, a patented innovation which is changing the face of K9 detection training.


Our Trainers and Instructors

AMK9 specifically seeks out instructors and dog trainers with high levels of direct experience with detection and dual-purpose patrol dogs in order to produce the best Detection and Dual-Purpose K9s in the industry today. Instructors and Trainers at both of AMK9’s training locations come backed with practical, first-hand experience that comes from many years in Police K9 Units, TSA, EOD, Military Service, and Canine Operations in Hostile Environments including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Northern Ireland.

At AMK9, we employ K9 Instructors and Trainers who have a passion for working with K9s. Caring for each dog as if it were their own, our staff have produced some of best detection dogs in the field. We employ canine handlers whose professionalism and knowledge of what makes a good instructor, coupled with our hands-on training, means the Working Dog and K9 Handler teams we train go on to become very successful in the field.

Two World Class Facilities for Dog Sales and Training

Anniston, AL

  • 35 Full-Time Operational Staff
  • 2.3 million square feet of training buildings
  • 320 Acre Training Academy
  • 185 Run Kennel System
  • Fully Staffed Veterinary Clinic

New Smyrna Beach, FL

  • 12 Full-Time Operational Staff
  • 8,000 square foot indoor training facilities
  • 10 Acre Outdoor Training Area
  • 80 Run Kennel System


AMK9 Academy is honored to be credited by Auburn University and the North American Police Working Dog Association.

Call now and find out how you can integrate our canine services into your established security program!

Find out how you can integrate our canine services into your established security program!